Real Men/Women Read

REAL Men Read (RMR)

RMR LOGOSome men play sports, some men cook, but real men READ…to children. Since 2004, REAL Men Read Day has been held every March to support National Reading Month sponsored by the National Education Association. From the time of its inception hundreds of men from all walks of life, along with high school students volunteer to read-aloud to preschool through 12th grade students in schools across southeastern Michigan and northern California.

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REAL Women Read (RWR)

RWRLOGOIn 2011, using the model of REAL Men Read, women were invited to participate in REAL Women Read day to further highlight for students a genuine appreciation for reading. We are proud of the outpouring of support
for this read-aloud event held during National Reading Month.

Expected Outcomes
1. Children ask and answer questions about key details in text read aloud.
2. Children actively engage in-group reading activities with purpose and understanding.
3. Children determine central ideas or themes of a text and analyze their development.

The purpose of RMR and RWR is to highlight the benefits of reading, while exposing school-age children to a range of quality literature read by male and female role models from the community.

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